NDI (Network Device Interface) - standard developed by NewTek company, which allows the interaction of several video systems by IP connection for encoding and receiving high quality video and audio streams realtime with minimal delay. This article explains how to set up an encoder for receiving NDI streams and making NDI output.

Setup of NDI source

Open the WEB UI of the transcoder: http://IP_address/ and login with your credentials. On the “Sources” menu, click “Add New Source”.

Enter the source name.

For NDI input, you have to select from the "Source" drop-down list: “NDI”.

Leave the “Source address” field empty and “Source port” for the input multicast group.

Click "Scan for available services". Wait for a few seconds, and if there are no any error messages, you will see a window with the list of all NDI streams, which the encoder finds:

After the scanning, for the "Service ID" choose [NDI Stream]. For the "Video PID" drop-down list you will see the list of all available NDI streams, choose the stream you need. NDI input will not work if you set "auto" for "Video PID". Set "auto" for the "Audio PID".

Click "Save". 

If the scan do not find any NDI streams, check your network equipment that it meet requirements for NDI streams forwarding.

Using NDI source input, you can setup any type of the output supported by Noisypeak. 

Setup the output and start the channel at the "Sources" menu.

Setup of NDI output.

Open the WEB UI of the transcoder: http://IP_address/ and login (defaults login/pass are admin/2bechanged). Then go to the “Templates” menu.

You should create a special template for NDI output. Click “Add New Template”.

From the "Codec" drop-down list choose "NDI playout". Set resolution and the output FPS. All other template parameters are not changing.

You should create a special audio template as well. Go to the "Audio templates" menu and click "Add New Audio Template".

Select from the "Codec" drop-down list PCM. Set "Samplerate" to 44100 or 48000. Set "Bitrate" to 0 (it is not changing).

To create NDI output, go to the "Output streams" menu and click "Add New Output Stream". Choose a source stream for the NDI streaming, and previously created video and audio templates. Enter the NDI stream name at the "Output" field. Click "Save".

Go to the "Sources" menu and start the source. If everything is correct the source should have "Started" state, while the output stream do not have "green" circle.