noisypeak cell ex

Professional Xeon-based H.264/HEVC encoder with dual PSU

Up to 5 CPU/GPUs with Artesyn® SharpStreamer™ PCI-7207
Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6
Hardware HEVC encoding/decoding up to 4K
1RU, 2PSU, up to 4 1GbE interfaces


Noisypeak Cell EX is presented by two options

  Noisypeak Cell EX (Base)
Nosiypeak Cell EX (Advanced)
Target use Low-density encoder/transcoder for MPEG2/H.264/HEVC Middle-denisty transcoder for MPEG2/H.264
Primary CPU/GPU Intel® E3-1275v6/P530 Intel® E3-1275v6/P530
PCI slot Quad port Gigabit network card or Blackmagic DekLink Quad 2 or Artesyn Sharpstreamer PCI-7207 (P/N: NPCELL4A) Sharp Streamer PCI-7207 (4 CPU/GPU: Intel i7-5650U/HD Graphics 6000
Multibitrate output channels
SD 12 channels, 4 bitrates 32 channels, 5 bitrates or 60 channels, 1 bitrate
HD 6 channels, 3 bitrates 16 channels, 3 bitrates
HEVC HD 5 channels, 2 bitrates 9 channels, 2 bitrates

* Performance benchmarks are indicative. Presented results are verified and detailed benchmarks can be provided upon request. Factual results may vary depending on source streams parameters, encoding settings for audio and video, packetizing formats, etc. Performance indicators are subject to change without notice.   


feature set


Intel® Xeon™ E3-1275v6 processor with HEVC hardware decode/encode up to 4K
Onboard or optional depending on the model Artesyn SharpStreamer PCI-7207 (4 CPU/GPU) video accelerator


Power On/Off button, System Reset button, LEDs: Power LED, Hard drive activity LED, 2x Network activity LEDs, System Overheat LED

chassis size

437x503x43mm (WxDxH)

power requirements

100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 150W
Dual PSU


4xGigablit UTP Ethernet (Intel based), 1xIPMI
PCI slot for Base model (e.g. HD-SDI capture card)


Management of up to 50 encoders in uniform Web interface


Redundancy management system that support:
n+1, n+m, 1+1
Input source redundancy (in standard image)
Publishing server redundancy

video encoding

Up to 4K video processing
MPEG2, H.264, HEVC
Static Images preview generation
Logotype, texts string overlays
Baseline, Main and High profiles
Picture in Picture up to 4 streams
Framerates: fixed to source framerate
Linear time-code generation
Single input to multi-stream output
Look ahead buffer
NAL HRD conformance parameters:
a. HRD buffer length
b. HRD initial delay
GOP structure adjustment:
a. frame-accurate closed GOP length
b. B-frames count
c. re-frames count
d. IDR interval
e. Slice count
h.264 AVCC/Annex B at the input
h.264 Annex B for multicast/hls output
h.264 AVCC for RTMP output
Video post-processing:
a. Scaling
b. Cropping
c. Deinterlacing
d. Letterboxing


Nagra® PRM
Microsoft® Playready
AES128 static key


TS files- file2live, file2vod
HLS, HTTP progressive
SDI/HD-SDI, HDMI trough Magewell®, Blackmagic® add on modules
SDP/Onvif for IP security cams
Dynamic input adjustment for codec and protocols Audio AAC/AAC LATM, MP2/3, AC3, EAC3


UDP unicast/multicast SPTS, MBTS/SPTS, MPTS MPEG-DASH Live and VOD
HLS – v2 and v5 with multi-language support
Microsoft® Smooth Streaming
TS and MP4 files
WebDAV or Windows® share (Samba)
Multi format simultaneous publishing
DVB PID pass-through
Closed captions - CEA-708, EIA-608, WebVTT

audio encoding

Support of multi-audio channels MP2/MP3
AAC-LC up to 512kb/s
HE-AAC up to 128kb/s
Gain control
Advanced sample rate transform
Audio leveling


extend encoding power

with Artesyn® SharpStreamer™ PCI card
4 X Intel® Core™ i7-5650U w. HD 6000
SharpStreamer™ PCIE-7207 is unique video acceleration technology offered as a standard or add-on card for Noisypeak Cell EX


Artesyn® is a leading global provider of embedded computing solutions based on open standards such as ATCA®, VMEbus™, OpenVPX™, PCI Express and computer-on-module. Artesyn expertise enables OEMs in a wide range of industries to develop better products quickly, cost effectively and with less risk.

Artesyn® SharpStreamer™ PCIE-7207 high-density video accelerator enables service provider networks to offer video transcoding services quickly and dynamically. As an add-on card, the SharpStreamer PCIE-7207 offers quick and scalable integration with existing and standard server architectures to meet the demands of ISPs and MSOs who want to use existing servers and cloud infrastructure to support new video transcoding services. With a focus on the high-density and low power demands of video streaming applications such as OTT streaming servers, mobile network optimization, video conferencing and broadcast equipment, Artesyn® employs multiple Intel® Core™ i7 and GPU accelerated devices in a small and scalable PCI Express card footprint that is easily deployable in off the shelf platforms.


Typical encoding profiles

# Bitrate Resolution
1 6000 3840x2160
2 4500 1920x1080
3 2500 1280x720
4 1600 1024x576
5 1100 720x404
6 700 640x360
# Bitrate Resolution
1* 6000 1920x1080
2* 4500 1280x720
3* 2500 1024x576
4 1600 720x404
5 1100 640x360
6 700 480x270
# Bitrate Resolution
1 1600 720x404
2 1100 640x360
3 700 480x270
4 400 312x176

* For performance HD benchmarks we use these bitrates (1), (2) and (3)