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What we do

Noisypeak is a leading provider of advanced video over IP solutions for TV / video broadcasters, as well as corporate, government, professional sports and education applications. Core technology of Noisypeak is Uniform Encoding Engine (U-EN2) that scales from one to up to 32 GPUs.

Video encoding solutions provided by Noisypeak enable smooth, high-quality, up to 4K/HEVC video delivery from almost any source to the wide range of connected devices over Internet and mobile networks. The focus is to support industry accepted protocols and standards including MPEG2, H.264, H.265/HEVC, MPEG-DASH, HLS, RTMP, SPTS/MPTS multicast and various DRM systems. Noisypeak’s cloud encoding service ( is targeted to fast market entry and is 100% OPEX driven.

Cloud encoding can be used as off-load engine to physical encoding devices as well can be purely stand-alone service. The company is open for innovation and welcomes customization requests to extend the set of available features even further.

Who we are

We are IT engineers, who have become business consultants at some point of their carriers. Company leadership is focused on addressing particular customer needs, implementing practical solutions, leading to tangible, measurable results. Consultancy background enables Noisypeak to look at each and every situation from the different perspectives. We prefer top-down approach from business goals down to implementation of specific algorithms and hardware components.


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IN NET (Slovenia)

Pixelate (Israel)

Take TV (Israel)

ATV Rental (Bulgaria)

Evolink (Bulgaria)

Delta Comm (Georgia)


For Investors

The market is huge

Noisypeak addresses the Global Video Market (Video Streaming, Web Conferencing, Webcasting, Video Conferencing) worth $11.21 Billion By 2018  (source: Marketstand Markets Report).

We’ve got the great products

The company’s key solutions are video streams processing devices and cloud video encoding service Customers around the world (50+ customers in 22+ countries) use Noisypeak’s solutions for video broadcasts, Internet television (IPTV, OTT), video on demand, security video surveillance, over-the-network learning.

The company’s know-how is Uniform Encoding Engine (U-EN2), totally scalable from 1 to 32 GPU’s video processing technology with cloud computing support at the core level.

U-EN2 is the result of five years of hard-working, market proven multi-million R&D pursuit to create affordable yet high quality and feature full video delivery technology. U-EN2 consist of more than 100K lines of source code and fulfil 90% of the needs without any external IP licensing. As a result, Noisypeak is able to build solutions in many aspects surpassing solutions of well established brands in its segment – Harmonic, Elemental, Envivio, MediaExcel in a fraction of cost.

Technological capabilities of Noisypeak allow leveraging the aggressive market strategy – winning the market by setting record low end-user prices for high-quality video encoding.  In the same time Noiypeak position itself as an innovator with products like Noisypeak One (world smallest multibitrate, DRM enabled video encoder), Noisypeak Cloud (on-line service with capabilities to process MPEG-DASH/HEVC on-line streams). As Noisypeak brand becomes more recognized by the industry, we wish to step down from focusing on price competition and gradually replace it with invitation driven approach.

We are professionals

Noisypeak is led by a seasoned industry management team – experts in the areas of OTT/IPTV and digital video content technologies with executive level international experience at prominent companies, including KPMG, Deloitte, Cisco, SAP, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, Gartner. Noisypeak’s management has built clear vision of Noisypeak’s solutions’ positioning at the market and have deep technical background to drive R&D processes. The company’s head-office is in Switzerland, Lausanne.

Earn with us

The company has started active sales in 2014 and quickly reached significant turnover. This year we are focused on extensive marketing activities and building distribution channels.

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