noisypeak connected.
All-in-one professional video streaming solution

Software for GPU accelerated transcoding, encoding and streaming in simple subscription packages.


noisypeak one lt

Portable real-time GPU-based encoder for broadcasting from any place and type of camera

Up to 4 Full HD channels with multibitrate output
HDMI or HD-SDI inputs (Magewell® or Blackmagic®)
Intel® Core™ i5-5220U


noisypeak cell ex

Professional Xeon-based H.264/HEVC encoder with dual PSU

Up to 5 CPU/GPUs with Artesyn® SharpStreamer™ PCI-7207
Intel® Xeon™ E3-1275 v5
Hardware HEVC encoding/decoding up to 4K
1RU, 2PSU, up to 4 1GbE interfaces


noisypeak blade

Most powerful blade based encoder by Noisypeak. Up to 384 SD, 162 HD or 80 HEVC per 3RU chassis.

Up to 14 blades, 28 Intel® E3-1275v5 processors
Up to 4 PSUs
Up to 8x10GBs SFP+ uplinks or 2x40GBs uplinks


Discontinued products:

Noisypeak One
Noisypeak Eight