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noisypeak one

Pocket-size high-performance Intel® Core™ based encoder

Unique entry-level encoder that shouldn’t be judged by its size
LCD Touch display for device management and monitoring
Target segments: SMB, video-portals, educational institutions, first hardware encoder
Intel Core i5 processor
Full set of NoisyPeak features on par with high-end devices


Up to 9 SD channels in 5 multibitrate streams
Up to 4 HD channels in 3 multibitrate streams

Up to 45 SD / 12 HD multibitrate output streams
Multiple output formats per encoding template

* Performance numbers are presented, assuming standard settings for multibtrate are used with "FPS" = 25, "Optimization" = best speed, "Codec profile" = base, "Look ahead" = Disabled. Performance may vary depending on encoding settings/profiles. For standard bitrates/resolutions please see tables below.


smooth and easy operation right out of the box!


feature set


Intel® Core i5™ processor’s built-in GPU-accelerated encoding


Power On/Off button, Power LED, Touch-screen for local management / monitoring

case size

115x111x52mm (WxDxH)

power requirements

100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 50W
(external PSU - included)


1xGigablit Ethernet interface
Expandable with external USB cards


Management of up to 50 encoders in uniform Web interface
Touch-screen local management


Redundancy management system that support:
n+1, n+m, 1+1
Input source redundancy in standard image
Publishing server redundancy

video encoding

MPEG2, H.264, HEVC - Intel® Media Server Studio
Baseline, Main and High profiles
Picture in Picture up to 4 streams
Framerates: fixed to source framerate
Linear time-code generation
Single input to multi-stream output
Look ahead buffer
NAL HRD conformance parameters:
a. HRD buffer length
b. HRD initial delay
GOP structure adjustment:
a. frame-accurate closed GOP length
b. B-frames count
c. re-frames count
d. IDR interval
e. Slice count
h.264 AVCC/Annex B at the input
h.264 Annex B for multicast/hls output
h.264 AVCC for RTMP output
Video post-processing:
a. Scaling
b. Cropping
c. Deinterlacing
d. Letterboxing


Nagra PRM
AES128 static key (HLS, DASH)


TS files- file2live, file2vod
SDI/HD-SDI, HDMI through Magewell®, Blackmagic® add on modules
SDP/Onvif for IP security cams
UVC 1.5 for H.264 USB cams
Dynamic input adjustment for codec and protocols


UDP unicast/multicast SPTS, MBTS/SPTS, MPTS
HLS  - v2 or v4 with multi-language support and optional AES encryption
TS and MP4 files
WebDAV or Windows® share (Samba)
Multi format simultaneous publishing

audio encoding

Support of multi audio channels
Audio pass-through
AC3 decoding
Sample rate transform
De-noise and audio leveling


Download .PDF datasheet

standard settings for multibtrate

Many options are possible for multibitrate configuration. In our benchmarks we use the following settings for SD and HD:

Standard encoding Profile (SD)
# Bitrate, kb/s SD-Wide (16x9)
1 1600 720x404
2 1100 640x360
3 700 480x270
4 400 312x176
5 200 248x140
Standard encoding Profile (HD)
# Bitrate, kb/s HD
1 6000 1920x1080
2 4500 1280x720
3 2500 1024x576

All Noisypeak solutions including Encoding As a Service are built on a uniform set of advanced video encoding technologies. It doesn’t matter which Noisypeak device you choose, it will have the same set of core features and user interface. The usage experience is fully transparent across all models.


typical usage scenarios

tiny package. packed with power

Advanced real-time GPU-based video encoder for broadcasting from any place and from any type of camera. Based on U-EN2 our Noisypeak’s Uniform Encoding Engine. We provide the flexibility to capture signals from USB WebCams, HDMI, HD-SDI, IP SDP/Onvif and Sony® Action Cams by WiFi. It consumes as little as 25w in a typical work cycle and can be powered from an external 12v battery. Generates HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, IP Multicast SPTS/MPTS streams, providing Google DRM out of the box, and real-time archiving capability in TS/MP4 formats.


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